To Isabelle-san 長崎の郵便配達

From the Far East island, To Isabelle-san.


I am fine.I hope you and your family are doing well.

2021 will continue to start in turmoil from last year.

There are people in the world who certainly need our film, The Postman from Nagasaki.

From two years ago, from last year, the number of friends in the our film has increased.


I hope the film will be completed and announced this year.

This timing of Peter and Smiteru, and our.


2021, New Year.Will this era be called the Renaissance in the future?

If you have a strong heart, I’m sure you have a great hope.


Good friendship,Thank you.

All time best,



Film  “The Postman from Nagasaki”   長崎の郵便配達   / Japanese